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Top performing mutual funds for November 2021

The 10-year benchmark bond yields hovered between 6.34% and 6.38% for most part of November 2021. While the Fed taper is already factored in, the markets would be wary of front-ending of rate hikes by the Fed. Of course, the RBI action plan on monetary stimulus unwinding and rates would be a lot more important for Indian markets.

Global sentiments were impacted by the hawkish tone of the US Federal Reserve and there is already risk-off sentiments. Adding to these sentiments is the escalating Omicron variant challenge for the global capital markets.

These list of Performing funds is just indicative and not to be taken as ideal for everyone to start investing in , the basic rule is to build suitable basket of investments that best suits your profile .

Equity Large-Cap Funds

Equity Mid-Cap Funds

Equity Multi-Cap Funds

Equity Linked Savings Schemes (Tax Saving)

Equity Small-Cap Funds

Balanced Funds (Aggressive Allocation)

Government Securities Funds (Gilt Funds)

Liquid Funds

Corporate Bond Funds

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