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we all work for money but very few of us have the adequate knowledge about how to make money work , My Blog try to share this knowledge with you and build Community of Financially literate people.

Hi ! I m sachin thorat , the writter of this Blog , Since i started working in life for earning soe money , i had always been closely seeing the changes money has brought in people's life and even mine too ! But i must admit that , i was at the same stage like many who start's earning early but begin investment late , When i realised the need of importance i do felt bad for missing the Precious past years but as we say , Its better to be late than never , Since then i had been exploring various aspects of the money . This made me to learn from the leader's of the finance like robery kiyosaki , warren buffet , author's like nanvy levins about how we can or we need to make money work for us , As i often says still there's way to go but , along with these learning i got the opportunity to be the part of facinating world of equities , investment , insurance . i had worked with leading Cos in india on this front and had chance to learn , servce variety of the investors . It has helped me to relearn many things , explore and develope methods of building passive incomes for every one of us . I am writting this blog to share my views , thoughts with you . Hope it will surely give new insights to you to grow your mental peace and financial wealth . I would love to hear your feedbacks from you , Do not hesistate to share the same , Thank you for being patient in reading . You can expect Transparent , true and in depth reviews , Experience sharing in my posts .

In india we still not have the education system which can give adequate knowledge about finance to kids , So that they can become

Not just capable of earning money but also get the ability to handle it well

how to make money work

Since long Time , People with Good money management have done well in all fronts of life . We see Those with Higher Degree in Finance , Being MBA working for some one who hasn't even passed the SSC . Why this happens , Simply because they know " Management " practically with experience and not just Bookish knowledge . This is where the difference matters and it works in favour of these people .

So to end up , Earning money is important but To make it work for you is more crucial and that will define the kind of prosperity one will have in their life

I couldn't start early in investment because i was not having some one to guide , feel free to find guru to guide you on the path of financial freedom. Now since you reached my blog , do not forget to Subscribe for newseltters . Whenever i post new thing you will able to know it ..Do keep in mind , Merely Wondering from one blog to other and read about finance will not help unless you put it in to actions .. All the best !

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