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Health Insurance

There are various important insurance which needs to be taken . In life we face different threats ,fortunately we have insurance to ensure them .

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Health Insurance

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Motor Insurance


Travel Insurance

Protect your greatest asset – Health
Health insurance plans offer to cover or reimburse the cost of medical care in case you fall sick. These plans are vital to combat the ever increasing cost of healthcare in India. There are many types of health insurance but the two main ones are individual and family health insurance.

Protection from a financial loss arising out of loss or damage to your vehicle. Protection from liability towards third parties for personal injury.
Protection death and property damage on account of any accident involving your vehicle.Cash Less and Hassle free Claim procedure.


International travel is exciting. You get to see enchanting landscapes, experience new culture, taste delectable cuisine and explore uncharted territories. However, international travel is an expensive affair. That is why very few individuals manage to undertake an international vacation. Even when you manage to plan an international trip, any unforeseen contingency would strain your budget.

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Critical Illness Insurance

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Personal Accident Insurance

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Professional service insurance

Critical illness refers to life-threatening and severe health conditions, requiring extensive medical attention. Generally, treatment for such diseases requires prolonged medical care, whether in the hospital or at home.
Therefore, the expense involved with treatment for critical illnesses are generally higher when compared to the treatment for other diseases.


An accident can happen at any time. And it could leave you with permanent harm or temporary disability, both of which could affect your life and your family.
Apart from cover for life and injury, insurance offers other unique and unmatched features
Weekly benefit
Medical Reimbursement
Education Benefit , daily cash & others.


if you are professional like doctor, Lawyer then you must have this type of insurance which gives you protection against any of the unexpected claims by the customers . It will give you the amount of claim filed by the claimant for act of negligency or so . In india still many professional's do not having idea about such insurance plans which can help them lot in their service life .


other insurance

Cyber Insurance

The Most Dangerous Thing About Cyber Threats Is That They Are Usually Not Detectible Until After They Have Already Happened. Unlike A Stalker In Real Life, A Cyber Stalker Cannot Be Seen And Unlike A Suspicious Person Lingering Near An ATM, Phishers Are Hard To Perceive. Considering All The Possible Cyber Threats And Risks You’re Exposed To Every Time You’re Online, We’ve Designed Our Cyber Insurance Policy To Help Protect You.

Fire Insurance

A fire insurance is an important part of a Property Insurance policy, that helps protect your home and business properties such as apartment buildings, office spaces and shops from any damages and losses that could occur due to a fire. it can be  for your Home & for your Business & Shop

Group Insurance

A Group Health Insurance is a type of health insurance plan that covers for a group of people who work under the same organization. This is often offered as a valuable benefit for employees as the premium for the same is borne by the employer . The key feature is Low Cost Premium since service provider gets large Customer base . Also easy claim settlement since most employer has dedicated support team for it.

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