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TATA technologies Ipo Is here ! should you subscribe it

India's one of the oldest Corporate Group TATA is in news with its new upcoming public issue. Since couple of year's investors were waiting for this opportunity to invest in india's one of the trusted groups new issue. There will be hardly any indian who has never used any product offered by tata's group companies . Whether its poor man or middle class or even rich class , everyone has surely used products offered by any one of the company in tata group.

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This group has vast history of more than 150+ yrs since jamshetji tata started his venture. Tata group is present in variety of sectors like Fmcg , Airlines , Telecom , Finance ,Health care,Automobiles , Aerospace, Defence,Retails , Ecommerce , Hospitality,Information technologies,power generate,power utility and many more .

From salt to Tea , from Cars to trucks , from HOTELs to Charity every were this renowned group has presence . It has built Good will and trustworthiness in the minds of every indian's The ex chariman of the group Mr RATAN TATA is still considered as the Key person and brand ambassador of this Indian group . This Group has more than 10 lakh employees with more than 1 lakh crore revenues . TATA group has presence in more than 100 COUNTRIES in the world and span across 6 continents*. We can say its truely global indian company .

About tata technologies - After span of more than 20 years , Tata group has brought its 1st IPO of tata technologies . Many of us know about TCS , tata motors , tata power but very few is heard about this company . This company was used to be a sub company of tata motors when it was formed around 1989 , it used to provide assistance to tata motors in product designing and manufacturing . Around 1996 it was hived off has a seprate entity . Since then the company has been providing services to automobile industries , aero space and education sector . It has been helping OEMs to enhance , imporve their product manufacturing capabilities , capacities and qualities . it is offering Skilling , reskilling to employess of the different industries through its phygital offerings . It has been working in developing futuristic transportation utilities .

So this company is mainely has dual sector presence - Automobiles / IT . It is encashing their vast manufacturing experience in guiding new industries to develope products and enhance their outputs .

IPO details - The price range for this company was projected and expected to be higher than 1000+ up to 1500 levels , but as mentioned earlier tata group has always kept in mind the lower class of the society so this might be the reason that they have kept price below 500 Rs per share . May be they want every indian to own their shares so asking modest price for this company . if we consider the higher price then valuation of this company comes around 20000 Cr . In today's scenario this is very modest valuations . Today ZOMATO ( the food delivery company ) has market cap of 1,00,000 Cr if we consider 122 Rs per share price . For company from the tata group having such low valuation can be considered as great opportunity .

The ipo opens from 22-24 Nov 2023 , with lot size of 30 shares .

As mentioned earlier tata motors is the main promoter of this company and it is offloading approx 4.6 Crore shares . before this in 2017 Company had tried to sell 43 % stake to warbur pincus but the deal was called of in 2018 . In 2011 tata capital and alpha holdings acquired stake by infusing Rs 141 CRORES . This issue is offer for sale by existing investors , Tata motors , alpha holdings ...

Special thing about this issue is - FOR THE EXISTING SHARE HOLDERS OF TATA MOTORS it has kept aside approx 60 lakh shares , so anyone having tata motors share apply for this issue will be given allotment considering existing tata motor share holder . In a way the applicant will get aside* from the regular retail investors quota.

Considering all the above details and facts - many analysts feel that its a great issue to get in .. for investors with long term view or specially new investors who wish to begin their journey in the stock market can take first step by subscribing this issue . Offcourse the allotement will depend on the over all subscription , market conditions but still even after listing it can be considered as a stock to be kept in the portfolio for long term .

The listing date is 5 december 2023 , and for applying to this issue you will need demat account . if you have existing one then you can directly apply from below link -

you can use your existing demat account details to apply any ipo from the above link-

in case you wish the open zero cost demat account with us then Click here -

Standard disclaimers apply - investing in the stock market is subject to market risk . Pls Consult financial advisor before investing.*Tnc


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