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You will be thinking .. Why to invest in Mutual funds 

Instead of Traditional Assets like 

Before you know The answers  ..

Goals we can Achieve from Mutual funds SIp

ok..let's see

Past 10 Years Performance of some of the Mutual fund schemes in india 

Sbi contra fund - 361 %                       Tata Equity P/E fund - 409 %
Absl focus fund - 380 %                       Sundaram Equity Hybrid fund - 228%
Icici prudential bluechip fund - 344 %  Dsp Midcap fund - 546 %
Hdfc capital builder fund - 377 %         Lnt India value fund - 561 %
Kotak Equity felxicap fund - 422 %      Axis bluechip fund - 399 %

Is this not a Good Performance ? 

" It is ..returns will make you celebrate .. Right ! "

Right Mutual fund 
sip advantages !

  1. Inculcates the discipline of investing regularly

    As stated earlier, SIP investments are made at regular intervals i.e. either monthly, quarterly or every six months on a predetermined day. The SIP amount is automatically debited from an individual’s account and the amount is invested in the scheme chosen by the investor. 

  2. Convenience

    Another good thing about investing via SIP is that it’s a hassle-free process. All an investor needs to do is to instruct his/her bank to enable auto-debits from their account. This way the investor doesn’t need to go manually and pay his/her installment amount, the technology does the job for him/her.

  3. Rupee Cost Averaging

    Rupee cost averaging helps an investor beat market fluctuations and makes his/her investment averse to market volatility. When the stock prices hit rock-bottom, SIP allocates an investor more units, and allots lesser units when the stock prices soar high thereby, averaging out his/her savings.

  4. Power of compounding

    Power of compounding refers to earning profits by investing your profits. In order to make most out of compounding in mutual funds, one must begin investing early and stay invested for a long time.

  5. Own more stocks in small quantities

    Investors will need a large surplus if they decide to purchase individual stocks directly in order to have a diversified portfolio. But when you invest in mutual funds, you can own these stocks in small quantities with just a few thousand rupees.

Not just Performance ,Here are top 10 reasons to invest in mutual funds  ..

*past performance does'nt ensure future returns , Mutual funds are subject to market risk read scheme related documents carefully

  1. Highly regulated Industry ensures safety of the investors.

  2. India is developing country and we as investor can become part of it by Investing in Mutual funds since they invest in Companies which are involved in various developement activity in india.

  3. You Don;t need Huge Funds like real estate or in thousands like gold to start investing , You can begin Even with Few Hundrends..

  4. The transparency related to the portfolio of the scheme , shares invested , cash Amount , Disclosures , reporting gives you ability to monitor your invested funds easily .

  5. It is the investment option which has power to beat the inflation.

  6. You don;t need any kind of maintainance as it is not physical asset ( even if you can get paper statement like bank account ) . You save annual charges of Lockers, Maintainance of the property , other costs involved in physical investment like land , flat etc.   

  7. Easy to Nominate your family members with freedom to change it whenever you wish to . This makes estate planning easy

  8. Easy diversification - You can buy different types of funds giving you the benefit of multiple assets in easy way . 

  9. The lowest Lock in tax saving Scheme under 80c 

  10. Most important - Ability to build wealth for you in long term for your financial Gols 

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