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How to invest in Us companies from india ?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Since the era of the civilisations began Some Countries have always dominated the world Economy , Trying to push their own Currency as global to retain the economic leadership.

When we talk about developement Us always has been the center of focus . Its every event has Lot of impacts on the world Economy and growth . More over many small countries have direct dependability on the Imports done by the us from these nations .

if we talk about India , Many of the indian's dream about getting Green card to get the benefits offered by the world's most developed economy. Since last 5-7 years because of the Modi governments Aggresive reforms Many Countries from Us have started working here in india . After the Covid,Cos like Apple have started manufacturing their goods from india.

Check the World markets performance Comparision below to show the Difference.

You must be thinking whether you should ...

Point 1 - Now we see Apple phones / Laptops very often ,It has become part of our life ,We are buying things from amazon so easily , For everything we Search on Google , For watching shows we are using NetFlix , Who ever is using Pc or Computer has windows installed in it , There are many thing which global companies are offering to us . So the point here is if we are spending buying things from these cos then why not become owner of these companies by investing in their shares .

Point 2 - The another reason to think about investing in Us stock is the Currency Difference . Today For every 1 $ we need to give 74.5 Rs as a conversion ratio , In 2017 for 1 Dollar 64 Rs were required to be given . As the Dollar is the main Global currency Since past many years the price of it has been appreciating ovr period of Time . If we think of next 10-20 years ahead then there are chances of $ reaching the ratio of 1 $ = 100 Rs or so , Crude oil,Gold's international transactions will remain the key factors behind Dollars Upmoves .

Point 3 - We talk about diversification of the Equities and tend to invest in the different stocks or sectors to build baskets . " Never put all your eggs in one basket " this is what the Renown investors like warren buffet suggests . Many of the leading Fund managers , Key investors around world follow this style of investing . At most of the time There are higher chances of the Difference in returns given by the different markets of the world . The above figure indicates the same . So if you have Exposure in the Us market then it may help your porfolio to Gain better when the indian markets are not doing well .

Point 4 - Indian Investors has the options to invest in the Mf schemes which will either directly invest in the overseas funds which are directly investing in the us stocks or They may invest directly in the us shares . But , When there are changes in the Regulators Poilcy it can affect investments from these methods . When you are going Through direct investments Route as on date RBI has given decent limit for investing in to global markets . The limit for sending Dollars outside Country is 2,50,000 per Year , Considering Dollar Rupee ratio at 74 , This limit in Rupee works out to be 1,85,00,000 per year which is Good amount for investing every year .

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Point 5 - You must be feeling , I am ready to invest but don't have much idea about hwo to pick the stocks , Do the analysis of the sector and so on , Yes ! its valid thinking , Good news is that some of the platforms offering Global / Us equity investments offer ready made baskets based on Different themes , like Value investing , Global innovation , Us tech bluechip , GlobalX , War & peace etc are some of the sample names of them . Even there are lot of ETFs which are listed on the US exchange . All these Are baskets of different Indices which mostly have leading stocks , So if you don't want to learn much about stock , portfolio , Entry exist then you can go with such options .

Point 6 - Ok , Most of the Queries are covered in the above list , Still one of the major Concern every investor will have in their mind is , " the transaction Cost of buying and selling of the us equities might be very High " The account opening charges and Amc will also be higher ,

No ! as of now if we see most of the platforms transaction charges structure , many of them are very small amount as brokerage , Some of them are also giving you the Free trades* every month , the account opening cost is very low or Free ! There is no AMC for most of the platforms , Yes there will be charges related to transfer / withdrawl of the funds as those are taken by your banks . The platforms in most cases don't take anything for adding / withdrawl of the money .

Point 7 - This is another Crucial Point which all investors will ask , " What is the security of the stocks which we will buy , Who will held our stocks , in case of any Issues of the Platforms what is the assurity of our stocks , the amount held as balance in the opened investments account "

US brokerage ecosystem recommends that ever investor account should have insurance.

In case of Stockal's brokerage partner, DriveWealth LLC, a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), will serve as the custodian for your securities account. In the event that DriveWealth LLC fails and is placed in liquidation under the Securities Investor Protection Act, securities in your brokerage account may be protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

Please note that this USD 500,000 is not applicable general losses in the stock market. SIPC says the following: SIPC protects against the loss of cash and securities – such as stocks and bonds – held by a customer at a financially-troubled SIPC-member brokerage firm. The limit of SIPC protection is $500,000, which includes a $250,000 limit for cash. A non-U.S. citizen with an account at a brokerage firm that is a member of SIPC is treated the same as a resident or citizen of the United States with an account at a brokerage firm that is a member of SIPC.

SIPC does not protect against the decline in value of your securities. SIPC does not protect individuals who are sold worthless stocks and other securities. SIPC does not protect claims against a broker for bad investment advice, or for recommending inappropriate investments.

some more Key Questions answered Below --

Is there a minimum amount that I need to invest?

There is no account minimum at platforms like Stockal ( the same would be in most of the others with little differences ) That said, in order to see benefits of investing accrue to you, we recommend that you invest at least INR 7,000 or $100 to start off.

What are the documents required to create an account on the platform?

You can either choose to upload your documents via your laptop or complete the process on your smartphone after scanning the QR code on the page.

Any one of the following documents for a combination of identity and proof of address are required:

From India

  • ID Proof:

    • Aadhar Card (front+back)

    • PAN Card (front+back)

    • Voters ID (front+back)

    • Passport (picture)

  • Proof of address:

    • Aadhar Card (front+back)

    • Voters ID (front+back)

International Customers:

  • ID Proof:

    • Resident Permit (front & back)

    • National ID (front & back)

    • Passport (with photo)

    • Drivers License (front & back)

  • Proof of address:

    • Resident Permit (front & back)

    • National ID (front & back)

    • Drivers License (front & back)

    • Utility bill

You can Open Your Your Global investment account by Clicking on the Link below - We have partnered with leading providers . Please note that in most cases you get investment account with Facility to Invest in INDIAN & US equities from one account . So your regular Demat account will also get opened with the Us equity investments account . if any Query let us know !

We have special offers for you

- Free Account opening

- Free Amc

- Brokerage Free Trades*

- Zero software charges

- Zero Mobile app charges

- Zero Deposit / Withdrawal* Fees

Most important - Low remittance charges with Tie-ups banks

Moreover Get Direct access to 135 Countries exchanges in one platform

Entire process is online , You will have accesss to support team once you begin the same

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