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Do you wish to know more about Mutual funds & sip

If yes then you are at Right place . we will give you all the details you are looking for. In case you have any questions then right to us or directly chat with us on WhatsApp!

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What is Mutual funds 

Mutual funds are various types of schemes created by asset management companies. Any new fund launched in the markets is approved by the SEBI when introducing asset management company fulfills necessary requirements .

Are the mutual funds Regulated

Yes ! as mentioned earlier , for any company to do the asset management business requires to fulfil the necessary criteria established by the regulator SEBI . The best part of this is that its divided in to different parts to function.


These are some of the parts involved in any mutual funds schemes , still there are additional entities involved , like depositaries , clearing corporation etc 

We can say that mutual fund has very transparent operating systems which are build for ensuring investor protection and ethical functioning of the funds . SEBI is considered as one of the efficient regulatory body in the world

To invest you need to give the cheque in the name of the scheme or transfer funds to the account created as trust in the name of the scheme. Once funds received then registrar carry outs the allotment part. This fund is given to fund manager as per their requirements for investing in the opportunities. in many schemes there is team of qualified experienced fund managers to manage your funds more efficiently .

What is sip ? 

Many investors are confused about Sip meaning, It's mode of investing in the mutual funds. You have the option to invest one time or regularly. SIP means Systematic investment plans , which is route to invest . 

  • You can even invest lumpsum ( one time ) and set regular Sip .

  • Intervals for sips can be Monthly / weekly / half yearly / Quarterly / yearly .

  • You can stop SIP anytime .

  • You can top up existing sips whenever wish to in the same account or scheme .

  • You can open as many portfolios you want to . 

  • You can Start sip in the name of minor .

  • You can save tax by starting sip in ELSS funds .

  • Some funds have lock in period based on the scheme type.

  • You can set automatic increase of sip amount yearly .

  • Sips can be set in demat or physical statment form . If you have demat account then you can invest in mutuak funds directly from there . Your units will be appeared in the regular demat holding .

  • In case of Demat mutual funds the nominee will the one which is set in Demat . In case of physical statement, you have the choice to set nominee as per your wish . 

  • Maximum 3 nominee's allowed . you can nominate minor by giving the guardians details .

  • Returns in the mutual fund is not fixed or guarranted as all types of funds are have their own markets . Each fund unit is daily published by the AMFI .  

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